Best Alternative Of Google Admob for Mobile Apps

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Earn Money From Facebook Advertising(Facebook Audience Network) for Mobile Apps.

If you are searching any one of the following things then you are at the right place…

  • Best Alternative of Google Admob Advertising for your mobile app.
  • What is Facebook Audience Network?
  • How to earn money from facebook advertising network using your mobile app?
  • Best audience network provider that allows to customize advertise UI as per needed.
  • How to implement no boring Advertize in your mobile app?

What is Facebook Audience Network?

Facebook Audience network is a mobile ads network that allows you to put Banner, Interstitial and Customize Native Advertises in your mobile apps and it’s the best alternative of google AdMob for mobile apps. you can get over 2 million advertiser’s  Ads for your application’s audience. The best part of this network is they providing customizable ad units so we can advertise view as per our app’s design.

1> Banner Ad
facebook advertise network banner ads
2> Interstitial Ad
facebook advertise network interstitial ads
3> Native Ad (True Love Quotes App)

facebook advertise network native ads

You can monetize your app with Facebook Ads in three easy steps

1. Install Audience Network SDK.

2. Place ad units in your app.

3. Get paid monthly!

You can start implementation from here

In the next tutorial, we will explain step by step  banner, interstitial and native ad implementation for your apps

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