GDawa Android App Download and Review – Great App for Gujju

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Gdawa Android App Download

How are you, guys??? I hope your life is treating you well. Winter season is in front of you. Many people catches cold and fall ill in this season. Whenever you fall ill, most of us follow some procedure like visit a hospital or some family doctor, get a prescription from the doctor and purchase medicines from your nearby pharmaceutical medical stores. Many a time, it happens that the medicines are expensive and lower or middle class people can not afford it. They do not know its alternative medicines available in the market.

GDawa – Social Awareness about generic medicines

For the welfare of the gujju people, Health and Family Welfare Department of Gujarat has launched new mobile application called ‘G-Dawa App’ . This is the app for bringing awareness about generic medicines and its detailed information. This app is started by Gujarat Government. It is available in Google Play Store and ready to use.

G-Dawa is for Generic – Drug Awareness for Wider Acceptability. This app is to aware about generic medicines to the gujju people. Generic medicines are the one of the unbranded medicines which have equal safety and efficacy as that of branded medicines i.e. in terms of their therapeutic value. Generic medicines are offered at lower prices than branded medicines. So poor people can buy these cheap rated medicines yet safe to use.

Gujarat Government – Very Useful Application Generic Medicine named “GDawa”

Download GDawa Android App

Steps to how to use GDawa Android App::

1) You need to sign in or sign up. Forgot password facility is also available.

2) When you sign in, there comes a screen with 6 categories – “Search Medicine”, “Healthy Habits”, “FAQ’s”, “About G-Dawa”, “Deendayal Store Locator”, “Useful Links”

3) Search it according to your need.

Gujarat Government has made awesome decision for gujjus. We thank Government of Gujarat for helping poor people by launching this health app.

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People! Your life is too short, so enjoy it while it is yours.

Take care of your health with GDawa App
Buhbye 🙂

nirav kalola