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Find ATM with Cash Near Me - Fastest way to check Cash Available or Not

Hello guys!! Here i come with some other news which might be useful to you all. After the ban on 500 Rs. and 1000 Rs. notes people are seeking difficulties to find atm with cash near by their areas. But thanks to our latest technology due to which you can find such ATMs before leaving your place. The purpose of these services is to help people by saving their precious time. You don’t need to stand in a long queue outside the ATM which do not have cash.

Fastest way to Find ATM with Cash near you with following three services.

  1. CashNoCash by Quikr
  2. CMS ATM Finder
  3. WALNUT App

CashNoCash by Quikr

Quikr and NASSCOM recently launched a website named “”. This website is useful to find information about ATMs with cash based on your pincode.

Following are the steps of how to use this website :

  • Type the website name “cashnocash” in Google. To make it easy here is the link “click here
  • Type your pincode in search bar given
  • Press on Find Cash

cashnocash find cash near you


  • That’s it ! It will show you nearby ATMs with cash or no cash or even ATMs with queue/ queue length.

cashnocash find atm near me


  • This is public service and run by public also. If you visit any ATM nearby you then you can also help other people by updating ATM’s current status.

find cash availability near you using cashnocash by quikr

NOTE: If there is no result for your pincode then try to search with your nearby pincode.

CMS ATM Finder

With the intention to help people at current time of cash crunch, CMS company provides you an ATM finder tool. It gives you information on working ATMs. following are the steps of using ATM Finder Tool:

  • Type CMS ATM Finder in your Google search engine. You can either click on these link “click here
  • Select your state and city

CMS ATM Finder for find ATM near me

  • There will be a column of Bank Name and Address with status

NOTE:: There is a limitation of these website that it is limited to only 55000 CMS ATMs. But, there is 100% accurate information available.

Walnut App

Walnut is the another ATMs finder tool. It is a mobile application which gives you current status of ATMs. it works very differently from the other services. It helps users to keep track of how much money they are spending and where. It opens Google Maps and shows you all nearby ATMs with cash & without cash. Walnut tracks your transaction records on your phones.


following are the steps of using Walnut App:

  • Type Walnut in your Google Play Store. You can either click on these link “click here

walnut app find atm near me


  • it will shows ATM locations on MAP which are visited by walnut users with their current status.

walnet app search atm with cash near by your location


  • You will get notification alert about ATM availability by pressing “NOTIFY ME” button.

walnut app to find atm near me locations



Haha ! I am really thankful to our latest technology which is so so so useful. But these is not 100% accurate. Some guys reported that when checked online there is showing “Cash” status. But when visited, there is no cash available. See guys, we can not say that these is completely fake. We are only saying that CashNoCash, CMS ATM Finder and Walnut App provides you to find such information. I hope these latest news found helpful to you. Now, stop wasting your precious time in finding ATMs with cash, standing in a queue. Instead, use above services and invest your time in some useful work 🙂

We will keep updating you. Till then take care of yourself and buh-bye !!!!

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