Exploring Latest Features of Android Support Library Appcompat v23.2

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Android Support Library AppCompat v23.2

Great news for Android Developers, new version of the Android Support Library AppCompat v23.2 is now available. This library comes to provide backward compatibility of some features and add some new features also. All features will make it worth to learn and trouble. Let’s explore all the features of new Android Support Library Appcompat v23.2 step by step.


Vector Drawables and Animated Vector Drawables

Android Vector Drawable and Animated Vector Drawable support was added in Android Lollipop v21+ devices. With vector support reduce more than 50% in APK size is possible. When we use vector drawable, we don’t need to add drawable for multiple sizes and great thing of it is took very less or equal space to tinies of images. This features is very helpful when you are developing with heavy graphics applications.

But with the help of this support library we can use Android Vector Drawable for API 7+ devices and Android Animated Vector Drawable for API 11+ devices.

Check: Android Vector Drawable Example using AppCompat v23.2 support library

Auto-Switching AppCompat DayNight Theme

Another cool feature of Appcompat v23.2 is Auto switching DayNight Theme. You just need to declare Theme.AppCompat.DayNight in your style. This theme will work with API 14+ devices. by using this features we can set different UI effects for night and day vision of your Android app. This theme will automatically adjust base on time and your last known location. By default it will be for Day theme. If you need to customize for night theme resource then also possible using night resource qualifier.

Android Support Library Appcompat v23.2 feature- DayNight Theme

New Feature of Design Support Library: Bottom Sheets

In you are not aware of what is Bottom sheets? then please check material design guidelines for better understanding. In easy language “Bottom sheet” is a kind of page with content which slides up from the bottom of the screen and hovers over the current screen interface. Technically it appears from bottom of the screen in foreground and everything else goes in background. Its very useful when you need to deep link you content and show in cool view. you may have seen it something like in Google map, Dialer Youtube’s overflow menus etc. Now this feature is available in support library. you can use it with CoordinatiorLayout by attaching a BottomSheetBehavior as a child View. Bottom Sheet has automatic touch detection. it has states like collapsed, dragging, settling, expand and hidden. we will see it in future individual tutorial of Bottom sheet.

Android Support Library Appcompat v23.2 feature- Bottom Sheets Image

Updated Feature of Design Support Library: RecyclerView

Now RecyclerView supports auto-measurement, means RecyclerView will take only space which it required. It will take size based on content of RecyclerView. For example we defined RecyclerView height as WRAP_CONTENT then if have very few item to show in RecyclerView takes only necessary space to hold those items instead whole space.

Custom Buttons for Chrome Custom Tabs

Google announced Custom Tabs at I/O 2015. In previous version we have very limited features like changing toolbar color, enter and exit animations etc. in latest support library we get one new feature to add toolbar at bottom where they can add their own custom actions upto five.

Android Support Library Appcompat v23.2 feature- custom Tabs

Support v4 Library: MediaBrowserServiceCompat

MediaBrowserServiceCompat provides Media playback, easy addition to existing media playback service, supports back to API 4, easy to manages connections and browse available to media items like Android wear, Android Auto etc..

Leanback for Android TV

The Leanback Library provide the ultimate tool to optimize your TV experience. it comes with many great components like allows to richer input with easy to edit description using descriptionEditable() method, sub-actions perform in dropdown suing subActions() and GuidedDatePickerAction. Most eye-catching change is to add second column which used for action buttons using overriding onCreateButtonActions() or calling setButtonActions() method. This will help to see completion actions without scrolling the entire list.



Hope you like our simple introduction of Latest features of Android Support Library Appcompat V23.2. In out future tutorial, we will exploring each feature component in details with the Android example so stay connected with us for implementation of Appcompat v23.2 components.



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