Android ‘O’ Oreo New Beta Features, Release Date | Download Android ‘O’ APK

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Android 'O' new beta feature, release date

Android ‘O’ Oreo New Beta Features, Release Date

In the upcoming months Google is releasing the new version Android ‘O’. Some Android features were not popular for fans which uses Google phones. So google has updated new features for our Android users. For our official android users the google team has finalized APIs.

The new version developed by google is Android ‘O’ for our operating system which is going to release in this summer. Till then the users can enjoy with various Google software (ex. Google pixel, nexus 5X). This new Android ‘O’ is going to continue its open beta for our Google IO presentation, and it is going to debut on the version name Google pixel 2. The Google team has decided that Android ‘O’ must be installed in every Android phones not just Google phones.

Also, learn how to download and install Android 8.0 in next post.

Download Android ‘O’ apk.


Updated News:


It has been final that Android ‘O’ means Android Oreo. Also, updates says that Google would launch Android ‘O’ on or after August 21 i.e. the day of total solar eclipse 2017.

We have seen the above Google open beta features which includes both visual and performance-based which are more exiting while working with it. All the Android users will need to wait for upcoming weeks for the release of Android ‘O’ . But till that the Google team request you to use the beta features which are available in the Google phones.



The new Android ‘O’ has some very good features. You should definitely check this out. Have a look!!


1. Picture in Picture mode

2. Faster Boot Times

3. Restricted Background Activities

4. Notifications

5. Contextual Press-to-hold Options

6. Adaptive App Icons

7. Notification Dots

8. New Emoji



This features allow to work with two applications, which means that the supporting application will remain on the another separated application. It is just a minor feature which allows to work with multi- tasking systems and also with the less computerization of the window mode and with the more relaxation.



If you are working with Android phones or any Google phones the boot system becomes more important. If the boot system work slow then Android system will work poor , so it is essential that android or Google phones must have faster boot systems. The boot times are built with the setup of hardware part, so Google has updated this feature to work with software in place of hardware which runs on all the android phones. As discussed above that faster boot systems will make the apps faster. It also makes the operating system to load faster. And makes your phone faster.



how to download and install Android 8.0

Usage of power is the most problem in mobile phones. So this feature saves our power which deprioritizes the various functions of app which are running in the background . It means that your phone battery will go longer even if the apps are running in the background. This app will help you to save power which is currently applied in the version of Android “nougat”. The another function is doze function which saves the battery during the down- time(below 5%). Android ‘O’ will help you to work with doze function it will squeeze some hours out from your mobile phones.



Every android phone is having a feature of notifications. Notifications notifies user the recent messages of any applications on the home screen so that the user can easily identify who has send a message. The nougat version allows the user to take the action carefully an right action with the notification panel. The
developer can grant user a great power to work with settings which require digging throughout the menu or after the menu.



download Android 'O' 8.0 apk

To copy or to paste the text we tap and hold for few seconds to display various options for the text. For example, in an Email we copy the address of the user and paste it in the address bar. So Android ’O’ discovers machine learning in which the OS will recognize the better app for the string of character or the length of the character which the user is working with.



Samsung Galaxy S8 was the first Android phone in India to come up with Bluetooth 5. Bluetooth 5 is a technology which hides a bandwidth and increases the speed between wireless networks. It improves the quality of audio content which is send between the two wireless equipment. Android O is going to get another boost which supports native to LDAC. The developer team are seeing options for tweaking the audio content. Hence the team comes up with the new updates. It will be a good for the users who uses wireless headphones.



This feature will bring out the notification bubble on the home screen to show the user for the coming messages. But Android ’O’ will not show you the pending alerts but it will specify you to know directly your attention at very least and it is a very good thing for our Android users.



Google is dealing with replacement of older emoji. They are making rounder form of emoji ,i.e rounder faces of emoji style. Different emoji such as star struck, throwing up emoji, mermaid and many more options are available.



We hope you get every detailed information of Android ‘O’ 8.0 beta version. Above were the features of Android ‘O’ and its release date. You can also learn how to download Android ‘O’ 8.0 and install Android 8.0 . Also download Android ‘O’ apk from next post. All Android users or who uses Google phones will enjoy working with Android ‘O’ which is going to release this summer with amazing features and with some replacement.



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