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Android Application Development Live Project Training in Vadodara

Join one of the best Android Project Training in Vadodara. We offer Android Live Project Training in Baroda. With this course, you will get deep knowledge and experience which required to develop innovative android apps. Get Android training in Vadodara by the top best Android experienced developers. nkDroid Solutions will teach you step by step practicals, project driven and job oriented Android Project training in Vadodara which will help you to get the best job easily.

This Android Project Training course is for last year college students who choose Industry Defined Project (IDP) or User defined Project (UDP). This course will also help to individuals or professionals who
aims to make their career with Android development in Vadodara. We provide useful resources like Android interview questions and advanced android concepts and tips to crack Android Development job in Vadodara easily.

Android Project Training in Vadodara for Students and Experienced Professionals

This Android Application Development training program is just right for the final year IT Computer BCA MCA & Diploma students, freshers and also experienced professionals looking to enhance their experience, knowledge and skills for better career opportunities in Mobile App development field.

Step by Step Detailed Android Project Training Course

Duration: 100 Hrs
Prerequisites: Knowledge of Java Programming

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Learn Fundamental concept of Core JAVA

Android Overview and History

What is an Android
Types of an Android Versions
History of Android
Android Architecture
Naming conversation of files
Material Design Concept


Android Basic Components

Broadcast Receivers
Content Provider


Android Setup

install JDK
install Android Studio


Hello World App

Creating your first project
Create and set application icon
Detail explanation of project structure
The mainifest file
Layout resource
Running your app on Emulator
Running your app on Real device
Adding Splash Screen in Hello World App


Android Notifications

Android Log messages
Android Toast
Android Custom Toast
Android Pallete
Android Dialog
Status bar Notifications


Building UI with Activities

Views, Layouts, and Common UI components
Creating UI through code and XML
Activity Lifecycle
Intent and its types
Intent filters
Communicating data among Activities


Advanced UI

Adapter and its types
Selection components (ListView, RecyclerView, GridView, and Spinner)
Navigation Drawer
Android ViewPager
Android Tab layout


Data Storage

Shared Preferences
Android Complex Preference
Android File System
Internal storage
External storage


Services & Broadcast Receiver

Overview of services in Android
Implementing a Service
Service lifecycle
Inter Process Communication (AIDL Services)

Android Broadcast Receiver


Multimedia in Android

Multimedia Supported audio formats
Simple media playback
Supported video formats
Simple video playback
Create simple Music Player


Location Based Services and Google Maps

Using Location Based Services
Finding current location and listening for changes in location
Proximity alerts
Working with Google Maps
Showing google map in an Activity
Using Map Fragment and MapView
Customizing maps
Working with map marker
Custom Markers and Info Windows
Drawing on the map
Interacting with the map
Displaying route on map
Street View using street view panorama


Web Services and WebView

Understanding HTTP request-response model
Consuming web services
Receiving HTTP Response ( JSON )
Parsing JSON
Using WebView


Android Useful libraries

Android GSON library
Android Volley Library
Android Glide Library
Android Design support Library



How Sensors work
Using Orientation and Accelerometer sensors
Best practices for performance



Monitoring and managing Internet connectivity
Managing active connections
Managing WiFi networks


Telephony Services

Making calls
Monitoring data connectivity and activity
Accessing phone properties and status
Controlling the phone
Sending messages



Taking pictures
Media Recorder
Rendering previews
Choose image from gallery or camera



Controlling local Bluetooth device
Discovering and bonding with Bluetooth devices
Managing Bluetooth connections
Communicating with Bluetooth


Android Application Deployment

Learn to understand project requirement
Build Wireframe/Mockup design of Application
How to sign APK
Android Application Deployment on Android Market (Play Store)


Android Interview preparation

Creating eye-catching resume
Android Interview Questions
Soft skill Development
Practice section for Android Interview


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